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As we celebrate our 5th year in business, the team at FUSION HAIR DESIGN also celebrates our 6th year being a part of the Shape your World – Makeover Challenge.

In the busy-ness of today’s world we often put everyone and everything else ahead of ourselves.  A whole lot of us are functioning on “auto-pilot” where one day runs into the next and before we know it a year or two has gone by and we haven’t taken a moment to breathe, look at our lives or ourselves.

In keeping with the goal of the Makeover challenge competition we are passionate about helping our clients put their best self forward. When was the last time you had a thorough hair consultation with your stylist? One where you began to consider those long neglected questions… What is important to me, how to I want to be seen by others, how much time do I have/want to have to spend on myself, what is getting in the way? Am I brave enough to see what my best-self look like? Can I make the commitment to myself and to others to show the world who I really am? For many of us our outward appearance is NOT a reflection of our true self. At FUSION we strive to help you make this a reality. Together with the Total Makeover Challenge we are excited to give you an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself.  It`s time to put yourself first!

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