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February 28,

I haven’t been doing much blogging but I have been doing a lot of amazing things. After the real me seminar I IMMEDIATELY stated to put the pieces of my life where I see the fitting vs other peoples opinions or trying to people please. I’ve been focusing my energy and time on myself and my sons personal development. I’ve been playing with him for fun not as a chore or task on my to do list. oh how I had missed fun without even noticing.

I have continued with yoga and although I still haven’t found time to read I’ve been listening to audio books and motivational speakers instead of music. I’ve been active and eating lots of healthy clean food. I am feeling amazing and I’m excited for the next challenges coming forward and where they will take me. It’s hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows… but change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful on the end. It’s messy but it also has so much beauty. I know the hard work isn’t over but I’m no longer stressed how to make the changes I am making. I am embracing them and their beauty and taking this time I have devoted to my personal growth to work on all things the AMAZING women of Shape Your World Society guiding us through this journey are helping me see. Some of my own more personal issues I didn’t realize were holding me back until they guided me through a soul searching weekend, and then they manifested quite blatantly to where I could not ignore them any more. The results were one of two choices keep doing what I’ve always done and get the same results I always get or…. try something new that I didn’t know about before and get a different result…. I’m vaguely rambling but I hope it makes sense. Thank you to everyone for helping me make it to the Top 15!!!

Created on 2017-03-01 06:56:31

February 19,

My hands are shaking as I type these words. What an amazing feeling today I had waking up a changed woman. The Real Me seminar was intense and I would say in the Top 3 best things I have ever done for my life. To me life has felt like I have been running all around from place to place, from this to that, as fast as I can, so much stress to keep moving forward, so much to do, so much become. I was running in a zig-zag pattern all over the path I was meant to take, today I have been gifted the ability to see the path and the tools to breathe, and walk with purpose down the path, enjoying the journey and seeing the beauty it offers. Thank you to everyone at the seminar, every woman and the two men that spoke have made such an impact in my life, especially the other Makeover Challenge participants, you guys were AWESOME!!!!

mission statement

Created on 2017-02-19 20:18:32

February 16,

What a whirl-wind day this has been. Day 1/7  Top 15 voting is coming to an end. Thank you to everyone for your part in my journey, and a special thank you to Andersen A1 for sponsoring my blog. I am grateful for all the support within this challenge and from my family and friends, even my 9 year old was excited to pull out his phone and vote for me 10 times today. You are all amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do this without you all xoxo

Ready for top 15 voting!

Ready for top 15 voting!


Created on 2017-02-17 07:11:35

February 1,

I am exhausted… I have never been so busy or so tired in my whole life. Week two seemed so much harder and delivered a huge pay off. I earned most inches lost!! Achieving that at the end of week two has really helped me feel a sense of accomplishment and a renewed energy for the week coming up… which I desperately needed and will definitely utilize. For those of you who do not know me well, in addition to being committed to a intense personal growth and health challenge, I have two careers, and I am the best mom I can be to an amazing nine year old boy.

I have always worked hard and kept myself busy but this, this is me giving 100% to be successful every day. My hard work is shining through in all parts of my life and being reflected back to me by my son and the people I interact with in my life. The stronger I become, the stronger those around me are.

Created on 2017-02-02 01:59:58

January 17,

We were asked today at the end of our first group meeting what we were looking to get out of the Total Makeover Challenge, it got me thinking…

I did not know what I was signing up for when I applied for this challenge, I only knew what I hoped the surface results would be. At our first event meeting all the ladies and sponsors I knew I was in for much more work than I originally anticipated, but that the rewards would be far greater than I foresaw as well. As a single mom who has two careers I am not afraid of hard work… Time however is something that I never have enough of, time for myself has never factored into my days. Things had to change for me to be successful at this challenge.

I put all my energy into the world I have created around myself. My son, work, friends… I love and am grateful all these things, but had forgotten to love myself. I didn’t even realize this until I had to look at my schedule to see if I had time to make myself a priority. When had I forgotten to take care of myself, when did I forget that I was important?

As I move forward through this challenge I am hoping to find motivation, strength, fun, personal growth, happiness and self love. I am hoping to change my thoughts and be able to be happy in my own skin and peace in my own mind. I want to learn how to feel the joy that everyday has to offer,  to be present in my life and take care of myself inside and out.

Created on 2017-01-30 01:19:12