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January 31, 2017

Tonight marked the third weekly meeting which included our weekly weight and bi weekly measurements, both of which I was dreading. The previous week had been such a set back, not only were three of my children sick and on antibiotics as was I… so now I have missed four of my morning workouts at the gym and feeling like the biggest baby every because let’s face it I never get sick nor do I have the time to get sick, yuck!! Last week wasn’t a total write off though, I only gain 0.6 Lbs but I also lost 6 inches, phew!!! Losing weight is hard work.

This week we were fortunate enough to have one of the challenges sponsor stop by as part of the weekly checkin and boy oh boy did I ever enjoy her speech! Heather Reider is a life coach, as part of the challenge we get a half hour phone session with her. After Heather had spoke about her story and why she had gone on this path of being a life coach, there was a part of myself that finally didn’t feel alone or like I was the only person feeling some of the emotions and feelings I had been for so long! I struggled with admitting these feelings or even why I had felt them but I knew i wasn’t ALONE! I know that the feeling of being alone or different can really affect a person as it had affected me for so long… and now here I am trying to change my distorted perceptions of myself! Life has a funny way of bringing people to you and I know that Heather is one of those people I needed to meet so I could make some serious changes!

Here’s to a new day with a new direction and love for myself!


Created on 2017-02-16 19:05:40

January 24

Well it our second meeting and guess what…..

I am down 2.2 Lbs yup that’s right, it may seem small but to me this is a big deal!! I have slowly been getting this workout routine down even though I’m not totally sure if what I’m doing is the right thing!! It has truly been an invigorating week. I find I have so much more energy even though I don’t really know what to do at the gym and literally every muscle in my body is aching lol I have been going to the gym with another challenger, Crystal, and she has really helped to keep me going and accountable. Yay for Team work!!

Also, this week we have been blessed to have Gina and Mallory from herbal life give us some useful information on the importance protein plays in this battle we call “weight loss”!!
But with another week of useful information comes an overwhelming feeling of “how can I balance this all!!” The positivity and encouragement you get from the other 29 challengers has also really helped and has allowed myself to continue being positive as I challenge myself on a daily basis to becoming a better me. I know there are going to be ups and downs but it’s almost scary to sit here and think about how great I feel about what I am doing and wondering when the shoe is going to drop. I hope to change this way of thinking, to be more positive and take things one day at a time without the negativity. The behaviours we are all trying to changes are not going to be easy; let’s face it we have all been operating this way for so long, training ourselves to be the one person we are now trying to change!

Here to another week of success and great change!!


Created on 2017-02-15 21:15:14

Edited on 2017-02-15 21:16:55

January 15


Well tonight was our official meet and greet, we all gathered at Phoenix lounge with the 30 challengers from Abbotsford and Langley. Boy oh boy was it amazing! This evening we got to meet many of our sponsors, interact with so many new people and hear about all the amazing adventures ahead of us! My first thought was oh my goodness how an going to do this, my second thought was you can do this, you wants this, so rock it because you deserve it! Although, I began to dread what was about to happen because I knew before the evening was over I would have to get a full body photo and share my weight with a complete stranger. It’s crazy to think about all the emotions that were going through my head, excitement, fear, and anxiety!


The real adventure started for me before I even made it to the event! I had been excited all day but then felt like maybe I shouldn’t go once the hours got closer.. I didn’t know what to wear, I was scared to go to a place by myself where I knew nobody, and I was afraid of what the night entailed. Once I arrived at the Phoenix Lounge and saw all the cars I became even more nervous and once again started to second guess my decision and imagine this …. I sat in the parking garage waiting for the other ladies who had pulled up to start heading inside because I didn’t want to go in alone. I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and welcoming everyone had been and the fact that random strangers had asked me to sit with them…. I wasn’t a loner!!


There were a few things I took from tonight’s event, one was that I was going to have to stay committed and reach down deep to find the strength needed to get me through the next six weeks of this challenge. Another thing I realized is that this is just what I need to get me over this hurdle that has been holding me back for so so long!!


Here’s to a new adventure!!


January 16


Well today I registered at She’s Fit, one of our amazing sponsors who has provided free memberships for all of us ladies!! So exciting… It has been years since I have worked out and I had no idea where to even start. I decided that since this is my first workout I’m going to take one of the classes that the gym offers but half way through all I wanted to do was quit, not yet thought, I can not give up! Now the one thing that honestly helped me get through it all was having the other participant cheering me on, for real.. like seriously chanting “go June go,” “you can do this,” “just two more!” The encouragement was amazing! I did a few more things before I left the gym, I was a little more comfortable with my surroundings and once I got to my truck I realized just how hard I had pushed myself… I was sitting there nauseous! I made it as far as Shoppers Drug Mart before I threw up and at that moment I knew I had pushed myself really hard, probably even past my limit, if there is such a thing when it comes to working out lol

Overall, It was an amazing day of feeling high on life because I had finally done something for myself!


Still reflecting on last nights events I feel like my head is a jumbled mess. Why had I not done this workout thing before, why do I just feel so overwhelmed but wow do I feel great already!!


January 17


Here’s another roller coaster ride of emotion, tonight was our first official meeting! We had our measurements done and got to stand on this nifty scale Herbalife had provided aka the Tanita scale. Herbalife is also one of our amazing sponsor! I feel so exhausted today with the amount of information that we have been given over the last few days, it’s very overwhelming. Although,  I learned a lot about our weight and how it’s made up of many components, so when your looking at the numbers on a scale it’s so much more. Also, did you know you should be drinking half your body weight in oz of water, so say your 20lbs you should drink 100oz of water!! I must admit I’m very nervous still, still trying to absorb all the information and eager to see what can happen on this journey!!!


January 18


Well today has been another struggle, I am so overwhelmed that I’ve been crying off and on all day! I don’t know where to start…. meal prep, exercise routines, water intake, family obligations, house work, and the list goes on! Having 6 children I figured I could easily balanced everything considering I just spent the last couple of years in university all the while being pregnant the last year and still managing to complete all of my daily tasks…. the struggle is real!! I seriously thought it would take more than this to make me feel like I took on to much, but hey here we are, let the tears flow!! I feel like I just need to focus on a few specific things this week and that’s what I have done. My goal this week is to focus on maintaining my water intake and getting through the pain of the exercise because getting back into it hasn’t been easy, it has been a little bit fun! Let’s see what I can accomplish…


Created on 2017-02-15 18:03:58

Edited on 2017-02-15 21:18:05