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Hey there, I guess Im not the blogger I could be, but here I am today and that counts for something.

This week has been super fun. We got to take over Cloe in seven oaks mall Tuesday night. We had the place all to ourselves including some very wonderful stylists. I have NEVER stepped in their doors before! I was intimidated by sizing issues and price issues… Guess what? NO PROBLEM! Canadian only clothing store with sizes that go up to 20! Their prices were beyond reasonable and even bordered on super deals, when you take into consideration the quality of the clothes they have there!

I learned that I am the classic Pear shape. The ladies taught us how to accentuate our bodies well according to our body types. I am sooooo darned excited as they showed me how to wear a scarf. This may sound simple, but as someone who loves a pretty scarf, knowing how to pull it off successfully is super awesome!

Anyhow, Ive got to go to work now… please remember to vote for me today and for the next 5 days! Thank you all so very much!

Created on 2017-03-30 20:26:12

Hey, how are you all doing on this lovely Wednesday? Im feeling pretty proud of my self!

Last nights weigh in had me down 3 lbs with a total of 23 lbs in 8 weeks! That may not impress many of you. But I am going to tell you that all of this has been done with hard work and great nutrition, despite having a medical condition that makes weight loss difficult at best.

Last week, I was sitting in our weekly meeting feeling rather sorry for myself. The sound track in my head sounded a bit like a whiny pre teen girl shouting NO FAIR. I got to thinking, how entitled that really is! How self centered must I be to be crying the blues over what may not be fair? And as I sat there in that negative bubble, stewing in my own fog…. I had a revelation…  SO WHAT?

So what its not fair? So what some things are always going to harder for me than the next person? So what?

That thinking is defeatist at its best! And it gets me nowhere. I WANT to be a healthy person, so if I have to do twice the cardio to achieve the same results as somebody else, I guess thats what I have to do. If it takes me a bit longer… than that is what it takes.

So as a word to all of you out there… is there something you want? Forget about the things holding you back, because everybody has obstacles to their goals! And there are sooooo many things that are hard or no fair… so what?

Created on 2017-03-15 20:29:02

Hello one and all! Today I have rant Id like to share with you, as I am sick and I now have you captivated! he he he


How many of us shell out big money to see super awesome live events down town? I know I have, and generally I’ve been more than pleased with my investment! I am not by any means encouraging you to stop doing just that… BUT BUT BUT…


We have in our local area soooo much talent and entertainment! Last night I went to see “Hello Dolly” and it was captivating! I haven’t enjoyed myself that much in quite some time. But I do fear that unless we support local events and productions, we will miss out on so much culture! So next time you are considering a night out, please don’t forget to check out the local stuff. It can end up being way more affordable ( thus you can go to more events!) and the caliber is just as good as something you will see down town.

End rant. Ive got to go back to bed and kick this flu now. I hope you are having a good weekend!

Created on 2017-03-06 01:36:54

Hello, I hope you are all reading this in good health and high spirits. I really need to blog more often to share whats going through my head in this process. I am committing to blog every other day from here on out!

I’m going to keep this one short, but I do feel the need to share with you all… I am 7 weeks into this challenge… and IT IS WORKING!!! I can totally see the differences starting. They aren’t big changes or even noticeable to others, But I can see it and feel it!

I’ve gone from 4 double chins to 3.5! My arms are getting sooo strong! The inch loss is starting to show on my pants and shirts! I feel like I can start moving in my own skin again! Yesterday at Parallel Yoga, the instructor was impressed with my progress, I’m still not a very flexible person… but I am getting better at this!

I am currently feeling very emotionally grateful for this opportunity! I truly believe I might actually get my life back again! And that is the biggest gift anybody could ever get.

Created on 2017-03-05 00:50:25

Hey there! I am here to check in.  Last week was a hard one for me. I didn’t loose! Despite working hard and trying to stay on top of my diet… I went up one lb. I was so darned upset with myself that I just sorta went quiet. I would normally just say Eff this crud and go and eat way too much pizza. Instead, I took a step back and examined where I wasn’t on point with my plan. With a renewed sense of control over my universe, I trudged on!

Yesterday was super exciting and exhausting all at once! The amazing race was such a fun activity. I could have compiled a team that would have won for big points. I decided to use my family and make it a fun challenge instead! My darling son made it such a great time, he was giving high fives to the sponsors and generally causing havoc at every stop.

I am very pleased to announce that I did make the top 15, which gives me the opportunity to continue with all the support systems in place! I almost feel guilty, as the other women that didnt make the top 15 were all just as deserving and hard working as I am. But I will admit that I do need the extra support still and I am doing everything I can to earn my place.

I hope you all have a great day! Im off to shower after sweating my butt off at the gym!

Created on 2017-02-26 19:02:46

Good evening to you! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Many people assume, when I tell them that I am part of the Total Makeover Challenge, that its just about weight loss. But Id like to set the record straight, it is about sooooooo much more than that.

This past few days we have been blessed to attend a seminar called the Real Me.  We went pretty deep into our pasts. To be perfectly honest, a lot of it was very uncomfortable. But I hate the idea of wasting this gift! So I dived in and gave it my all. Now that Ive come home from the seminar. Im feeling tired and emotionally spent. But Im super glad I participated.

I feel renewed and fresh, ready to take on more challenges than I have before. I feel like I really have something to share with the world, and that is a great feeling. So if I can give any of you a piece of advice, it would be this…

Please dont shy away from the opportunities you get, that can give you clarity! It may not be easy, but its always worth it! I wrote a very small poem as part of the course, Id like to share it with you…


When the sponge is wrung dry and balloons are deflated, the light is all but out. Just the smallest spark, to ignite a fire and the whole world turns around.


Thank you for reading

Created on 2017-02-19 05:27:33

Hey, how are you all doing today? I’m  doing alright even though I’m on pins and needles right now. The Voting has started and yet again I am feeling like I don’t quite measure up. The other ladies in this challenge are so darned impressive!

Its sort of hard… I want everybody to do well. But in my heart I know I really need this challenge for the focus its giving me. I really need this program to work. Frankly my life depends on it! If I continue down the path I was on, nothing but problems wait for me. But hopefully turning things around, Ill still have some hope?

Tonight is day 2 of the real me seminar. I am scared about what I will discover about myself. But I’m also excited about what I may be able to let go.

I’m sorry that today’s post is all over the place. I’m nervous and I really just want to do my best. Any how… I hope you all get the chance to vote for me! Thank you so much!

Created on 2017-02-17 23:13:36

before after 2 16807079_10154152314201175_463672872850825114_n(1)Good evening my friends. Today has been a crazy experience sorta day! One of the perks of this wonderful contest that Im in, is we get a make over at Shoppers Drug Mart. I am not an experienced make up user. Lets be honest… I wear steel toe boots to work and I dont get out that often, so when I do attempt to “paint the barn” its usually super basic and lacking any real skill level.

I want to be honest here, so Im going to tell you… I’ve never felt pretty, ever. Not at my graduation, not when I got married, not when my Grandma told me, Never! I’ve given up on pretty. Pretty wasnt for me. I could be many other things though. I could be funny, smart and kind. So I quit truly looking in the mirror years ago. What would be the point?

Tiffany, who is the Cosmetic Manager at Shoppers Drug Mart, performed a miracle! I am pretty today! I am pretty right now… not just after I drop the weight… but now.
She was so kind and fun to work with. She showed me how to use things I didn’t even know existed. She steered me toward a few products that may help with a few areas that need it. She even wrote everything down for me!

It turns out Smashbox may be my new best friend! That stuff did things to my face, I didnt think was possible! And the Stila products she used on my eyes, left me feeling more than glamours. Thank you so very much!

So today I think Im pretty… and thats a strange feeling to sit with. But I will…

Created on 2017-02-16 01:15:18

Hi there. How are you all doing? I’ve been a bit of a mixed bag to tell the truth. Being snowed in last week, really threw me off my groove. This week I’ve had to switch to doing the graveyard shift in order to work as well as get a few extra things done. None of these things leave me feeling like I’m on the ball. I’m sure you’ve all been there. In the past, these would be great reasons to put aside things like meal planning or exercise!

Instead of putting it all aside, I’ve modified a few things. I’ve splurged and bought my veggies pre choped, I’ve made much simpler meals and I’ve tried to sneak in exercise in different ways. I’ve even managed to get to the pool.

I was so super excited to find out that I am now down 14 lbs in just 4 short weeks!!! I’m starting to feel good again! What a neat feeling that is! I am constantly surprised at how quickly the body remembers what to do. My heart remembers how good it feels to do cardio. My legs love moving with strength and purpose. My arms love being strong enough to matter! This is starting to be less like work and more like fun!

Created on 2017-02-15 03:41:00

Good evening to one and all. The snow has finally stopped falling, and the rain is no longer freezing. My children have yet another day off school tomorrow. I really don’t know who is going crazier, them or me!

I used to laugh at people who got gym memberships. I used to think, What a waste of good money for something you can do for free! This week being shut indoors has opened my eyes! How many of you have tried to do yoga from YouTube while a 6 year old boy tries to “Help”? Is there anybody else out there who finds it distasteful to endure the endless comments and critiques coming from their daughters while barely forging through a cardio episode on Just Dance? These are just a small highlight of my exercise week!

I dearly love my children! They are both smart, funny and very caring! But they are after all still just kids. So while I listen to the rain fall and melt the snow and ice away, I find myself grateful! I am grateful that tomorrow I will be able to drive to the gym. And in just one hour I will be able to work through my stresses. I will cleanse my worries with a good sweat. I will then come home and be able to truly enjoy my children’s antics.

Created on 2017-02-10 04:25:34

WOW oh WOW! This snow has been super crazy! I have been very glad for the opportunity to get some good meal prep done! I just don’t have the time to make separate meals for everybody in my family, so I’ve decided that they can all learn to eat like I’m learning to eat!

Tonight’s challenge was to convince my 6 year old, that tacos do not need to be eaten with loads of chips, as we normally eat them nacho style. I made taco salad, a much healthier option and just as crunchy. After much cajoling, he was finally convinced to try a bite. That is all it took, one bite and he was hooked!

Its been over a month since we have had any fast food, something I used to crave all the time. The better we have been eating, the less the idea of greasy food appeals to me. I have also noticed that the kids no longer plead for it either! I’m thinking this is a step in the right direction for life long choices, for them and me!

Created on 2017-02-07 23:36:15

Good day to you one and all. I’m just popping in before I head to work today. Ive been contemplating what it means to give 100%. We all hear it. Its what we all strive for. But is that look the same every day? As a person who struggles with perfectionism. I used to think so. If I couldn’t accomplish today what I did yesterday, I was lacking or slacking off.

Its time to change that thought process. This week I’m down with a nasty cold. Going to yoga wouldn’t be a great idea with a nose that is running. With the limited sunshine we are getting, heading out to the gym would seem like a waste. So instead of beating myself up, I’ve continued to eat super healthy and delectable foods. I’ve also taken advantage of the sunshine and headed out hiking in the awesome trails we have near by.

I think Im kicking some serious butt here! Im down 7 lbs and a 9.5 inches in total so far. Yay me!

Get out there my friends and get some sun while you can!

Created on 2017-02-02 15:55:16

Hello everybody. My journey today had left me rather frustrated. I will pose a question to you. Have you ever been really bad at something and it made you mad? Not because you expected to be good at it, but because you didn’t want it to be better than you? This is my relationship with Yoga. I have the natural flexibility of a potato! When Ive gone to yoga, I struggle with every pose, I have to modify many of the moves, But gosh darn it I will NOT let Yoga defeat me!

My darling children have decided to take my advice on sharing to heart, they have generously shared their colds with me! Now as much as I want to concur my flexibility issues, the idea of a dripping nose while doing downward facing dog does not seem like a good time to me.

But fear not my new friends, I will not let a cold get the better of me any more than Id let yoga win over me either. I sweat it our at the gym instead. I say today was a victory for me. Don’t you think?

i got this

Created on 2017-01-30 16:50:17

Hi, ‘Im going to start off by warning you all, I’ve never blogged a day in my life! I’ve never been one to keep a journal. I tend to live in my head, unless of course there is something hilarious, then I have to share! I suppose a great place to start is with a little bit about me.

Im a single mom of two fantastic kids! My daughter is 11 and my son is 6. I work full time with a wicked commute that ends up taking me away from home for 12 hours a day. I also volunteer with Girl Guides. I have recently discovered a love of swing dancing.

I got to where I am at by being busy… I’ve been so darned busy, I’ve not thought about myself! Let that sorta sink in… I put myself so far back on the priority list, that I wasn’t sure I was me anymore. I haven’t thought about my food, my body or my inner spark. Ive just blindly gone along and tried to be all things to everybody but myself. Guess what? That is gonna stop!

The great thing about loosing yourself, is the excitement in finding yourself!

Created on 2017-01-29 00:23:07
Created on 2017-01-29 00:04:05