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For those of you who know me, you know I’m not particularly coordinated or graceful, right?  Well last night at our meeting we practiced our runway walks (in heels!) and the whole time I was feeling a little self conscious and nervous… then today happened and I just found out that the judges though I had great posture and even asked me if I had previous modelling experience! What!?! I NEVER would have expected someone to think that about me.  It was such a huge compliment to hear and now I can’t stop smiling!
Wed, March 15
Created on 2017-03-31 07:08:01
So I just spent the whole morning at work being so I comfortable and mad/frustrated with my pants for not staying up… and yeah, then I realized (a little too slowly) that I should be super excited about my pants being too big! Except now I need to buy a belt… and belts are weirdly expensive…
Tues, March 14
Created on 2017-03-31 07:07:19
Officially over 10 pounds lost since the start of this challenge! That puts my into the next “decade” of my weight which is awesome.
Tues, March 7
Created on 2017-03-16 04:20:21
Saw someone today I haven’t seen in a few years and the first thing he said to me was “you’ve lost weight, haven’t you?”… so yeah, feeling good right now.
Sat, March 4
Created on 2017-03-16 04:19:56
Balancing all these food macros is tough! When I keep my sugar down, my fat is up. When I eat enough protein my sugar is up too! Hopefully it’s enough that in a week everything is sort of evened out.
Thurs, March 2
Created on 2017-03-16 04:19:28
Top 15!!! Whoo!! So excited to hear my name called today to join my friends in the top 15. Harassing all my friends, co-workers, and strangers along the way to vote for me again and again paid off.  And the Amazing Race to start the day? What a blast! So many great businesses signed on to be a part of it and we were running/driving ALL over Abby! I’m so glad my mom and 2 of my good friends joined my team cuz we rocked it.  We managed to get to every location except 2 and I thought we were going about as fast as you could.  I still find it hard to believe that multiple teams managed to get to every location, how’d they do that!?! Lol.
I’m looking forward to seeing what this next segment brings and so happy to continue on this journey.
Sat, Feb 25
Created on 2017-03-16 04:18:57
Nobody told me.
Nobody told me exactly what I was signing up for when I filled out the application to the Total Makeover Challenge (the details on the website were pretty vague).
Nobody told me how much information would be thrown at us and how much I would learn that, really, I feel I should’ve already know or should be stressed to teens, especially girls, at a much younger age.
Nobody told me the real commitment this challenge was… just exactly how much time I would need to devote to it in order to succeed.
Nobody told me that I would meet some amazing women who are at the same point in their life as me – a point where change was needed and desired.
Nobody told me that after only 5 short weeks of meetings I would form a connection with a few of these women at a workshop called “the real me”… a connection that is real, one that sparks true friendships that will last long after this competition is over.
Nobody told me that 5 weeks was too short! Too short to lose half of the wonderful women in this competition.
Nobody told me how sad I would be to think that I might not make it to the next round… how truly hard it is to do my best and feel like it’s not enough… to put my faith in others and hope that they see how badly I want this and make the choice to help me out.
Nobody told me how badly I needed this challenge… how much denial I was in… how much I chose to ignore and lie to myself.
Now I know
Sun, Feb 19
Created on 2017-02-20 06:56:00
Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m up 1 pound since last weigh in.  I did lose some more inches so at least I’m still seeing some results.  Some of the other ladies in this competition are seriously awesome! They are doing so fantastic and seeing such amazing results.  I’ve got to kick my own butt a bit more and work a little harder the next few months and keep up with my healthy meal plan, exercise, and of course water water and more water.  I may not make it to the next round but I promise myself that I will continue to follow along with this TMC and incorporate these changes into a new healthier lifestyle for myself.
Tues, Feb 14
Created on 2017-02-16 07:09:21
This week has been a rough one “diet” wise… For the beginning of the week I was at a work conference where every meal was a buffet and I tried to make good choices but it was also hard to resist some.
And today is my birthday and I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have sweets and cake on my own birthday so I’m letting myself indulge in lots of sugar today! I did get up and go straight to the gym this morning to alleviate some of my guilt so I’m just enjoying my time with my parents and sister.
Sun, Feb 12
Created on 2017-02-16 07:02:43
First time back to the gym in a week! Yesterday I did the lazy snow day thing but today I forced myself to go out and get er done. Worked out for 1.5 hours so I’m feeling a little sore but mostly proud of myself. Next time I’m in need of motivation to get to the gym I need to remember this moment and how good I feel.
Sun, Feb 5
Created on 2017-02-16 07:01:21
I have awesome friends.  Tonight was a great night and it was humbling to know that I have some amazing friends in my life who are willing to brave the snow to come hang out with me. You know who you are – I love you all!
Fri, Feb 3
Created on 2017-02-16 07:00:43
Whoo hoo! Lost 4 pounds in weigh in tonight!  Since I’ve been sick I assume that lots of that may be muscle mass so the trick now is to exercise hard and eat as good as I can to build back muscle without gaining all that weight back…
Tues, Jan 31
Created on 2017-02-16 06:58:49
Well it seems like I’ve finally caught that fever that everyone’s been talking about.  I’m so cold and I have no appetite… this is concerning because I don’t want to lose any progress I’ve had on my metabolism. I really hope this doesn’t last too long and that I still lose at least a pound on the scale next Tuesday.  I really want to be able to say at the end of this that each week I at least lost something, I don’t want to give up at any point.  This is disappointing.
Sat, Jan 28
Created on 2017-02-16 06:57:47
First weigh in at meeting number 2 and I’m down almost 2 pounds! It feels good to see some results, even though I’m eating so much food all the time!  I’d love to be able to lose 2-3 pounds per week. Slow and steady wins the race.
Tues, Jan 24
Created on 2017-02-16 06:57:14
It was so great to go to ParallelYoga for the first time today and see so many TMC ladies there right along side me.  It was an encouraging reminder that we are all in this today and along the same journey. Thank you ParallelYoga and all the other sponsors for everything!
Sat, Jan 21
Created on 2017-02-16 06:56:30
I LOVE my freckles :)
Fri, Jan 20
Created on 2017-02-14 05:03:50
Personal win #1 for me today (of hopefully many more to come).  I came home from work, after driving back from an overnight trip to kamloops, and instead of instantly changing into pjs and lying on the couch, I actually went to the gym :)
Thurs, Jan 19
Created on 2017-02-14 05:03:06
I hate water! Drinking 4L of water in a day is so hard! I probably had about 1.5-2L at dinner tonight since I wasn’t good at keeping up the rest of the day and my tummy felt so full of water – my pee afterwards was clear.. CLEAR!  Apparently it just went straight through me…
And side note: what are the chances? I’m eating dinner in the restaurant of the hotel we’re staying at and our server has a daughter in the Langley TMC!?
Wed, Jan 18
Created on 2017-02-14 05:01:53
I feel pretty good right now.  I thought I would feel more tired/worn out… but instead I feel ENERGIZED!
Let me explain… A couple days ago I found out that I was one of 30 women accepted to compete in the Total Makeover Challenge (TMC)!  Sunday night we had the “meet and greet” and it was an eye-opening experience!!  There was 60 women (30 Langley, 30 Abby) that were in the same place as me – nervous and excited and ready to learn more about what we had signed up for!  Well let me tell you, I had no idea I had signed up for this much!  So many perks we get for being a part of this challenge: free membership at She’s Fit and Parallel Yoga, support/samples from Herbalife, beauty consultants at Shoppers, a life coach, dentist, photographers, and more!  And then there’s all the ways you can PARTICIPATE in this challenge to earn points!! Going to the gym and yoga studio, weekly meetings, workshops, visiting the sponsors, and of course BLOGGING.  When I heard about the blogging aspect of this all I could think was ugh! I never expected/wanted to be a blogger and this is my first time even attempting to (so bare with me).   But yesterday I figured I should read the book that was Naomi’s Journey and her blog and it actually made me feel better about this challenge (you see on Sunday night I was simply feeling overwhelmed).  So maybe my thoughts can help another woman in this position and I figured why not give it a try?  I promised to commit to TMC 100% so I guess I’m a blogger now, lol.
Today was my first day back at the gym in almost 2 years! I did a full hour workout and I’m proud of myself for seeing it through.  I’m also looking forward to the first weekly meeting tonight and getting to know the other women in this journey with me!
Tues, Jan 17
Created on 2017-01-30 16:38:57