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May 17, 2017

I am truly honored to be the winner of this years total makeover challenge. I know it was a close race. Earlier I had convinced myself that another contestant was going to win so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. When my picture came on the screen, I was filled with joy. I have been so blessed by this challenge.

As I reflect back over the last 4 months, I thought I was signing up for this little weightloss challenge. Boy, was I in for a shock. This has been so much more than about weightloss. Every speaker and sponsor who showed up at our meetings each week impacted me in many ways. Each week, I looked forward to Tuesday night to see who was speaking. They all spoke from their hearts and gave us some great teachings, tips and encouragement. Each week, I came home with so much more information to digest. I was so inspired.

This challenge started out with 30 amazing women! Each one has touched my heart. Some I didn’t get to know as well as others but I still think of them all and wish them well on there journey. I have watched them all grow and change over the last four months. These women have all added to my journey. One of the things I had noticed at the first meeting was how encouraging everyone was. We all became each others cheerleaders. This has been the most important thing to me was to have such a great support system in place where we were all reaching for the same goal.

The Top 5 and Wild Card!

These Women have become so special to me. They have all worked hard. We all deserved to be there. Even though we were competing against each other we lifted each other up. We encouraged one another. We got involved in each other lives. We became friends. Each one has their own gifts and dreams and passions. I wish them all the best as they follow and make their own path in this world. So here is a big shout out to you ladies. You all are beautiful and strong. You have big hearts and I love you all. So here’s to Jenn, Shannon, Carly, Bonnie, and Angie. You are all amazing!!!

All this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Jenny! Thank you for being the founder of Shape your world society. You have a passion to help women grow evolve and to be empowered. And now your vision is expanding to two more cities. Thank you to Trish for all the hours of video tapping you do. Thank you for developing the real me seminar and for all your encouragement and support. Thank you also to Candace who is always in the background supporting us and encouraging us along. Thank you to Nikki for greeting us each week with a smile. Thank you to the board for all yours hours you put into this. It is totally worth it. And a big thank you to all the sponsors who have so generously given of there time and the many gifts they have given us.

I also want to give a special thanks to my blog Sponsors! Vitala Foods, Hub Motors, Direct Heat, and MacAdams Law Firm. Thank you for believing in me.

Most of all I want to thank my Family who have stood by me even when dinner didn’t quite make it on the table as I ran out the house to a meeting. To my friends, who have supported me and cheered me on throughtout the last few months. I have been MIA for some of them but things will balance out again. And to all those who supported and voted for me from being local and far away. Many Thanks.

My Future:

My Journey is not yet done. I have more to lose. I plan to continue on in my weightloss journey. I am planning to volunteer to help out in some way for the total makeover challenge. I’m not quite sure what that is going to look like yet but I want to encourage and inspire other women in their journey.

My Big “Why” was to play and run around with my grandkids. So I can say with confidence that I can get up off the floor now and run around with my (1)


Created on 2017-05-18 04:36:57

May 16, 2017

Today is the day of the fashion show finale! Tonight is a celebration of who won the total makeover challenge, but it is also a celebration for those that made it to the end. In my books we are all winners and have worked hard at getting to this place. When I look back at the beginning in January, I’m amazed at the transormations of all the women on this journey. I am so excited to walk in the fashion show tonight and show off all the hard work of the last 4 months. Down almost 42 lbs. and I feel great! Win or not, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made and plan to continue on my health and weightloss journey!

Wow! It has been a wonderful ride. I’m am so happy I’ve met all these women who have impacted my life. I am so proud of each one as they embark on their journey. The five other women in the challenge left standing by my side are beautiful on the inside and out. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. They all have hopes and dreams to fulfill. I wish them all the best as they continue on in their dreams and passions.

So enjoy the fashion show as we strut our stuff and stay tuned to find out who wins it all!!!!!

download (1)       fashion-clip-art-fashion show clip art_full

Created on 2017-05-16 20:03:51

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we had a nice lunch to celebrate Mother’s day at my sister’s house. My Mom is very special in my life. She is always cheering me on. She is loving and caring and always ready to listen. I also want to celebrate my Mother-in-law. She is so caring and giving. I’m also so excited to celebrate my daughter who is a mom to my grandson and about to give birth to my second grandchild. I’m so proud of her and the great mom she is. So Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. Cheers to you for all the love and care you put into your kids.

18485341_1441662395855230_7987522979601892191_n 18425339_1542361569120811_7261205216975570678_n

We also had our Shape Your Vogue Fashion Show practice! I’m very excited about it. What a great bunch of girls we are doing this with. It is going to be alot of fun! This past week has been filled with fittings from the different stores to show off theirlothing. It has been alot of fun trying on the beautiful outfits. Tomorrow, we have one more store to go to and then we will be all set. I’m starting to get so excited for Tuesday night. The fashion show is going to be so much fun. Then at the end we find out who the winner is of The Total Makeover Challenge is. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ll be happy whoever the winner is because we have all come a long ways from when we first started in January. It has been a fabulous journey. We have learned so much and made so many new friends. Only 2 more sleeps to go!!!

Created on 2017-05-15 05:09:12

May 13, 2017

Today is the Shoppers Love You Run for Womens Health. We were up early at 6:00 to get ready to go. The run took place at Westbrook Village, UBC. I have been practicing running so my goal was to run the 5K. I had run a 5k before but very slowly, so this time I wanted to give it my all and get my best time. My husband Rob also ran with me. He probably could have run faster but he was going to run at my pace and stay with me and cheer me on the whole time. My run time ended up being 33.34. Woohoo! That is a personal best. I’m very happy with that time. A couple of the other girls also ran ahead of me. All the 6 Abby girls and the 6 Langley girls did the run. You had the option to do the 5k or 10k. Everyone did a great job. Most of the run was through the trails around UBC. It was absolutely beautiful. All around it was a fun day. I highly recommend this run for next year.

18403495_1440356449319158_521383752126182673_n 18447611_1440686815952788_93294014004854172_n


Created on 2017-05-15 04:40:38

May 10, 2017

Today was a day of firsts!

Morning started out with my first ever hydra facial at MD Cosmetics! They are a sponsor of the Total Makeover Challenge. Why haven’t I done this sooner. This was amazing. Kim did the facial. She was great. My skin is normally very dry and I don’t do a lot of skin care. I know, I know, I should. I learning how important it is to take care of the inside of me as well as the out.  Kim explained everything she was doing and gave me lots of good information in skincare. After it was all over my skin was so smooth and silky. I definetly would like to keep it up after noticing the difference in my skin.


Next I had a certificate that I won from the last round for teeth whitening. So why not try it. I noticed a difference in my teeth right away. Now I have a bright white smile.

At the end of the day, I headed to JJ Nails. Another sponsor of The Total Makeover Challenge. I was treated to my first ever manicure. I also decided while I’m there to get a pedicure as well. Hannah the nail tech did a great job. She helped me choose the right colors and I’m happy about the results. What an awesome day of pampering. 18387066_1438136326207837_234942075_n

Today was also the last day of Voting. I am so very thankful to everyone who voted. I feel so very blessed at all the response I have received from people everywhere. So many people voted locally but lots from far away. The encouragement I have received mean so much to me I can hardly put it into word. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the outpouring of love I have felt. So Thank You to all. Give yourselves a big hug from me.



Created on 2017-05-11 07:16:24

May 9, 2017

Tonight is the final weigh in and the Chef’s dinner at Earls in Chilliwack. All of us girls have been looking forward to this special dinner. It is a 5 course meal with drinks served with every course.

But first, the big weigh in. Some of the girls lost some big numbers this week. Congratulations to them. I’m so happy for them because in the end it is about us getting healthy and slimming down so we have the energy to do the things we need to do with our families and to take care of ourselves. With that being said, I made the 40 Lb goal. Yay. I am down 2.2 lbs for a big total of 41.8 lbs. I Did It!!!! I made 40+ lbs. I’m so excited about it all. I have more energy and I feel better about myself. At the start of this journey, I had a hard time imagining that I could ever lose this much weight. I have had so many starts and stops in weightloss. Never losing more than 5 to 10 lbs. Only to gain them all back again. But through this challenge, I have focused on commintment and determination to succeed this time. I am so happy I did. Passing up all that junk food has payed off. Learning new ways to eat will help me continue even after this is all over.

Now to our big Chef’s dinner at Earls in Chilliwack. It was so lovely. The waitress was so friendly and nice. Our first course came out and it was dynamint Rolls. (Sushi). So, if you know anyone who knows me well they all know I’m not a seafood eater. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I have actually eaten seafood. But this challenge is all about trying new things so to the shock of my family and friends I ate all of it and I must say I actually liked the sushi. So the next course was salad. After that was…. Fish taco’s. Whaaat??? Fish again. Ok, I’ll try that too. It was pretty good. Hmm. Ok, onto the main course. Salmon!!!! And rice with asparagus. So I did take a few bites but by then I was pretty full so I took the rest home to give to Rob. Then, we had some kind of coconut cream tart. I did it half but I’m not used to eating that much food anymore. It was a wonderful night out. Jenny and Trish and Candace were there with the six of us. It was a nice relaxing time!

18387316_1438091069545696_1161811378_n 18424637_1438133489541454_284437364_n

18425682_1438134266208043_1466799321_n       Cheers!!!!

Created on 2017-05-11 06:44:50

MAY 8, 2017

With all the business of the challenge, sometimes you need to take a break and tiptoe through the tulips with someone special. Today, Rob and I decided that inbetween work we would take an hour or so and enjoy what beautiful Abbotsford has to offer, rows of tulips.

18387315_1438090066212463_524925633_n 18425754_1438090382879098_1854788960_n


At night we had another Fashion Show practice. We practiced at the Phoenix Lounge where the show will be held. We practiced with both the Abby and Langley girls. It was so much fun. Tetyana Golota (Mrs. BC) was there showing us some ways to walk and pose. I’m still learning my cues and when to stop and pose but with practice I hope to have it down by May 16. Nikki is doing a great job of organizing all of us girls. I am looking forward to the fashion show. This next week is filled with appointments for fittings of clothes at the different stores and getting pampered and ready for the show. By the way the fashion show is called “Shape Your Vogue”. The name was chosen by the board and Tina, one of the langley girls won the pick the fashion show name.

Created on 2017-05-11 06:13:08

May 7, 2017

Today is my grandson Hendrik’s birthday! He is going to be 2 years old today. He lives in Iowa, so I won’t be there to celebrate but I’m looking forward to going in a month when a little brother or sister will be born. Happy Birthday Hendrik! Grandma loves you!!! He is my weightloss inspiration! He brings so much joy to my heart.


Tonight we also had our first Fashion Show practice with both Langley and Abby challengers. It has been fun getting together with the Langley girls and getting to know them a little better. Some of the girls are born natural models. I’m a little awkward at this point but it can only get better! (I hope!). I’ll have to practice some poses! Nikki is a great coach in helping us walk a certain way, turn and spin that way. I’m looking forward to it. I think we will just have fun with it and do the best we can!

2017 Fashion Show


Created on 2017-05-08 06:14:02

May 6, 2017

I haven’t posted for a few days because I have been busy working on my Video for “The Total Makeover Video Challenge”. This Video is about my journey in this challenge. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s not exactly something I’m very good at. In fact before this challenge I have never posted a video in my life. So with that being said. I DID IT! It’s done! Happy dance. My video is complete. I’m very thankful for apps that made it doable. I did the whole thing from my phone. I not sure how good it is, but I’m happy with it. I told you this challenge stretches you in many ways. Now that the video is done, I can say it was kind of fun doing.

So now to catch you up on the last few days. If your on Facebook, you all know that voting is in full swing. I always feel so grateful and humble when I see the overwhelming support of so many people. It makes me want to keep trying my best. I hope my story is inspiring and that people of any age can lose weight if they put their full dedication and commitment into it. I am also grateful for this opportunity because I have tried to lose weight many times before only to fail. The reason I have been able to do it this time is the full support of the total makeover challenge and the accountability we have with each other. When I started this I made up my mind to be determined and to give it everything I’ve got. We talked at our meetings about how will we proceed when this is over? How to set ourselves up for success? How not to fall back into bad habits? How we need to make this a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. This year is the first year they have started a facebook group to keep us motivated after the challenge is over. It’s also a good way to keep in touch with each other. I have really enjoyed getting to know the other girls in the challenge.

This morning, 4 of us met at Cleo’s to try on dresses for ” The Shape Your Vogue Fashion Show”. It is so much more fun when you can actually fit in most of the dresses there. I picked one out that looks quite nice. The next week is full of appointments for fittings and practices, pedicures and manicures ect. It’s so fun being pampered. Can’t wait! Now the fun is just beginning.

Created on 2017-05-08 05:55:34

May 3, 2017

Tomorrow is Voting Day. It starts at 3: 00. You can vote 10x’s a day per device. It goes until Wednesday, May 10 @noon. It’s always a nerve racking time. This is the last segment and you will be voting for 1st spot. Public voting makes up 30% of the points we get. sponsor voting is 20%, Inch loss is 10%, weight loss 10% and other challenges makes up the rest. I am so happy I have made it to the end. I’m with some wonderful ladies who are great competitors.


Here is a few pictures of my journey.  I needed this challenge to lose the weight. The support and encouragement has been what I needed to keep me accountable. I have had a lot of fun during the challenge as well. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

18280990_1431690740185729_623139413_n 18336602_1431690663519070_1180989233_n

Created on 2017-05-03 23:50:38

May 2, 2017

Weigh in day! Having indulged a little more this weekend, I was nervous about weighing in tonight. I really don’t want to be up and lose my no gain status. I worked out extra hard at the gym to lose any little indulges I may have had over the weekend. Tonights weigh and measure goes in the Abby news. I am very close to being down 40 lbs. So I gingerly stepped on the scale and I was down .8 lbs. Whew, I’m so glad I didn’t gain. It was a close call. So that makes for a total of 39.6 lbs down. This week I lost 3.25 inches for a toal of 32.25 inches altogether.

Vision Boards

Tonight we met at Jenny’s House for our meeting. It was fun to meet in an less formal setting. We were suppose to bring magazines to cut out clips to make a Vision board. I made one a few years back, so I had an idea of what I was looking for. Vision Boards are to inspire you to set and keep your goals. My main goal was health based. I have started running so that was my inspiration to put someone running on it. I have some inspirational quotes. A picture of a baby to celebrate my grandbaby who will be born at the end of the month. Some new living room furniture. Its always nice to get a new couch set. LOL! It was a fun night sharing our goals and dreams with each other. It seems strange that we only have one more meeting left till the finale. Tuesday nights have become my highlight of the week. I love hearing all the different speakers that have come in. I’m going to miss our nights together.


Created on 2017-05-03 05:56:35

May 1, 2017

Today is my Birthday! I had the afternoon off from work so I was able to catch up on some housework. I was having my family over for dinner. I thought that would be less tempting than going out to eat for dinner. I made Steaks, mashed potatoes, veggies and salad. For dessert we had pie. I did have a taste or two. It was a nice day.18254152_1431021300252673_457524794_n

Created on 2017-05-03 05:38:07

April 30, 2017

I got early to go to the gym before church. Today we are heading to Vancouver after church to go with some friends to the opera! The Marriage of Figaro. It was an afternoon of beautiful music and acting. After the Opera we finished the night with a nice dinner out.


Created on 2017-05-03 05:31:16

April 29, 2017

Today is the day of our big Photo Shoot. I’m so excited to get pampered and have fun. I woke up early to hit the gym first. Next home to shower and get ready to go. Today, I’m getting my hair done by the talented Cecile @imaginebycecile. She knew exactly what she was going to do. She knows her colors and she added some fun little peek-a-boo pink on the sides. Subtle but a little fun! I love my new hair do.


Off to Photoart By Simpson, to get my makeup put on by Bethany from Beauty by B. Karina Lanting provided all our maekeup from Arbonne! Once the finishing touches were on, Andrew and Arlene Simpson were waiting to start the photo shoot. The photo’s were taken in their lovely backyard. We managed to get the photo’s done in between rain showers. They are so good at what they do. They know how to turn you this way and pose that way. I was able to get a sneak peek at one of their shots. I can’t wait to view them all next week. I felt so pretty all done up. The pictures will be up on the total makeover challenge page by the time voting starts. Then off to dinner with the hubby! I feel so grateful and thankful to the total makeover challenge and Shape your world society for giving us this wonderful gift. I truly am blessed!

18254434_1430614930293310_910047461_n 18309110_1430615036959966_1587456500_n




Created on 2017-05-02 20:48:48

April 27, 2017

Shopping Time!

Our professional photo shoot is coming up on Saturday, and I’m stressing abut what to wear. Most of the clothes in my closet are to big and hanging on me. That’s a good thing but now I need to go shopping. I don’t even know what size I am anymore. One month ago I went shopping and I picked out my old size, which was a tight size 16, and proceeded to try on a handfull of clothes. When I came out the saleslady asked if they fit. I said “No, they were all to big”.  She laughed and said “I was wondering why you took such big sizes in the changeroom”. I explaned all about the challenge and that I had lost some weight. We both had a good laugh. Back to my Shopping trip. I dragged my sister all around town looking for the perfect outfit. I think we went to almost every women’s clothing store in Abbotsford. Not sure what I really wanted, I came home with a couple of tops but nothing too wow!

My sister had a few outfits in her closet so I tried those on and they fit! Yah! I have an outfit. Best place to shop in your sister’s closet! Oh and I am a size 12.

18254488_1430598823628254_621055479_n 18308857_1430597166961753_642338102_n

Created on 2017-05-02 20:14:58

April 26, 2017

Weigh in!!! Well after all the fun we had on our weekend it was the moment of truth. Tuesday night I stepped on the scale again. What!!! I was down 2.4 lbs. I also was biggest loser this past week. In reality, I still watched it this past weekend and only indulged a couple of times and when I got home on Sunday It was no more cheats for me. I put in extra time at the gym and choose my foods wisely. The dance party we had on Saturday night where we danced for 4 hours may have helped as well. So that makes me sitting at 38.8lbs down since January 15.


Love Languages

Have you ever wondered what your love language is? There are 5 types of love languages.

1. Words of affirmation

2. Quality time

3. Receiving Gifts

4. Acts of Service

5. Physical Touch

Patty came and talked to us about the book by Gary Chapman- The 5 Love Languages. We did a quiz to find where our strongest languages are and what speaks to our hearts. My Love Language was a tie between: Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. A very close 3rd was Physical Touch. I’ll have to give my hubby the quiz to see where he is at. But I’m sure I already know what his love language is. Now to figure out what my kids love language is? Hmm, Do they want gifts or hugs????


Created on 2017-04-27 04:52:38

April 24, 2017

Right back into it. I’m up a bit in pounds from the weekend so headed to the gym first thing this morning. Work! Lunch date with Yoga! Work again! Dinner and the whole routine starts over again. Today, I have a smile on my face with all the memories and inspiration from the weekend.

As I look at the calender, I notice that the challenge is ending in 3 weeks. Wow the time has flown. I can’t believe we only have 3 weeks left. We still have a lot of tasks to complete and I have more weight to lose. This is the time to lace up those shoes and get moving.

images (4) images (3)

Created on 2017-04-25 06:19:51

April 23, 2017

Sunday after many hugs good-bye, we arrived home. We had a great weekend with many memories to hang onto. Back to our families we go. Most of us were a little sleep deprived and indulged a little to much but it was all worth it.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful landscape and scenery of parksville. We also received wands from Rachel one of the speakers to take with us on the fairy.18136188_1423855080969295_317132416_n 18155501_1423855524302584_2077117440_n18136708_1423856077635862_1354488258_n18109566_1423856187635851_95008736_n

Created on 2017-04-25 06:07:55

April 22, 2017

This whole weekend was a wonderful bonding time with the other girls in the top 6, the Langley top 6 and the leaders that came with us. We enjoyed walks on the beach looking for starfish, late night talks, partaking in the beautiful relaxing Grotto Spa mineral pools. And last but not least the Saturday late night dance party in our cabin. We really got to know each other and I’m honored to be in this challenge with these women. As you may know when there is lots of women gathered, there is lots of talking, laughing, crying and many more adventures.

18157325_10158451867305234_1950977865733129250_n 18136557_1423839780970825_60190496_n

18136915_1423839447637525_1374428748_n 18155549_1423839930970810_1355545101_n

Created on 2017-04-25 05:49:30

April 21, 2017

Best Kept Secrets To Success In Life, Love & Business – A Frock-alicious Series Event.

This is the Seminar we attended this weekend led by Jo Dibblee. It started on Thursday night. We were invited to attend the Mastermind event. We arrived late but the women there were so open and welcoming. The first question they asked was what is your passion and what is your ask? As the women started to share, I saw how all the other women rallied around and gave encouraging words and great suggestions. This was truly amazing how connections were made. This was just the beginning to what the weekend was going to be like.

The next 2 days were scheduled with fabulous speakers. Every women’s story was truly inspirational. Many tears were shed. The biggest take away from the weekend was how women embraced their stories and used it to make them stronger. They stood on their stories instead of in their stories. They became Entrepeneurs and started small businesses. Many of them have gone on to write books, become life coaches, finance coaches, owners of small businesses and more.

So much of what was said complemented the real me seminar and built on it. By the end of the weekend, my heart was full. I am in awe of these women!

18136614_1423825084305628_33212487_n 18109417_1423824100972393_334223755_n18110411_1423824717638998_1770788518_n 18136715_1423824387639031_1682365141_n18056897_10158451861365234_1760137996549350910_n

Created on 2017-04-25 05:32:08

April 20, 2017

Today is the day we leave for our big weekend away. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. The weather is gloomy. What to pack. Am I going to be to cold or is it going to get sunny out? Who am I bunking with? What kind of things are we going to be doing? All these things are running through my head as I pack and get ready to leave. Jenn is picking me up in an hour. Next we are picking up Carly and heading to the horseshoe bay ferry terminal. I love riding in the ferry. I love the ocean in general. We are heading to the beautiful Tigh Na Mara Resort in Parksville BC. We will be gone till Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend.


Created on 2017-04-25 04:49:35

April 19, 2017

Paint night

Last night the Abby top 6 girls and the Langley top 6 girls met together to have a paint night at Zealous Art & Painting parties. This was the first time I have attended a painting party. It was a little intimadating putting that first blotch of paint on that white canvas. Each butterfly was unique and beautiful. Thank you to Zealous Art for giving us this experience.

17834765_458951214447790_5042511894253848800_o 17952872_1417635451591258_5874597346100317098_n

You probably are thinking “what about the weigh in?”. Yes, we did have a weigh in. After all the Easter dinners, I was very nervous about weighing in. I managed to squeek down .2 lbs. Whew!!! I at least maintained my no gain status. This week is a new week. Time to get back on track!


Created on 2017-04-20 05:41:11

April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend!

Well the weekend is coming to a close and tomorrow it is back to a normal week day. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of family gatherings, a couple of good runs and a beautiful hike. I had ham, yams and lots of salads! Maybe a easter egg or two or three. I also had a lot of physical activity which included a hike up teapot hill. Such a beautiful view at the top. It makes you appreciate God’s beautiful creation.

17992186_1415488205139316_2846770825135591992_n  18010968_1415488281805975_928338732162846841_n18010471_1415488288472641_723020533152231255_n  17991101_1415488231805980_1169982873829953855_n

Created on 2017-04-18 03:36:34

April 15, 2017

The last couple of days has taken a toil on my diet. A couple of nights out with get togethers have definetly stalled my weightloss. I have one more dinner out tomorrow night. Easter is almost like christmas with all the food and chocolate easter eggs out there. I did indulge in a few chocolate eggs. But not to get to side railed, I was off to to the gym this morning early to get a good workout. Today I’m back on plan eating healthy. Enjoying my shakes. I think its okay to enjoy a meal out every now and again as long as it isn’t all the time. The reality is there is always going to be special eating occasions every so often. It’s how you deal with them after that makes all the difference in the world. Not use them as an escuse to continue to overeat or binge eat. No Guilt! Every meal is a fresh start.


On a another note. I’m getting ready for the Shoppers Love You Run for Women’s Mental Health. This takes place on May 13 at UBC. There is a 5k or a 10k run. I plan on doing the 5k. My goal is to run the whole thing at beat my time that I have done before with the run for water.  I have started practicing on the dyke behind our house. Trail running is a little different than running on the treadmill. So today I talked my husband into running with me. We went for a 4k run. He is planning on joining me on the run at UBC. If anyone is interested and wants wo run with us. Let us know and we can add you to our total makeover challenge team.

17965681_1414513001903503_2091331007_n  17965731_1414513348570135_670812075_n       17974144_1414513175236819_873524875_n

Created on 2017-04-16 00:25:34

April 13, 2017

Today is my son’s 26th birthday and my brother’s birthday as well. We plan on going out to Wings for supper. Hopefully I don’t blow my calorie budget. And then Easter weekend coming up with 2 dinners to go to. Usually we celebrate with lots of food around. This is going to be a test of my will power and see if I have learned anything in the last 3 months. Happy Birthday Nathan! Cheers!


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April 12, 2017


Last night was the Little Black Dress Cocktail Party. Before everyone came we had a weigh in. Surprise! Yes, even on the party night we all weighed in. Dresses were flung everywhere. So with that being said, I was done 2 lbs for a total now of 36.2 lbs down.

Everyone was dressed so beautiful! There was lots of silent auction basket as well as a live auction. The room was a buzz of action. I was so happy to have a lot of family and friends there to support me. Even though there was lots of activity, I was still nervous all night trying not to think about if I would make the top 5 of not. Next, Trish and Jenny announced the awards. I was 2nd highest in weightloss by % for this round. I came in 1st place in % of iches loss. I also along with 4 other ladies received an no gain award. Once we were all up in front they called out the top 5 plus wildcard in no particular order.  And…. they called my name first. I was so excited. The rest kind of seemed like a blur. After me they called up Angie, Jenn, Bonnie, Shannon and for the wildcard Carly. What a great bunch of girls! I’m so excited to be going on this journey with these women.

We congratulated and hugged each other. We had to say good by to some amazing women that also worked so hard and were so dedicated. I hope they will still continue on their own journey. My heart goes out to them. I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know the women. Each one is special to me in some way. I’m so glad they have put together an online group to continue to support each other.

What a crazy night! So full of excitedment and emotion. Now that it is over, it’s time to pick up our socks and start working out like crazy because segment 3 started already.17862668_1411424178879052_8771922971327138058_n 17904284_1411424125545724_5605224756913872344_n  17884125_1411424568879013_5706301391671113630_n 17904161_1411424848878985_2963153015484620963_n17523217_1411424182212385_4659130459521422565_n 17759685_1411424342212369_5814158220975702697_n


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April 10, 2017

Tomorrow is the Little Black Dress Cocktail Party! As I sit here today contemplating my journey, I am filled with so many emotions. Did I do enough? Could I have done more? Will I make it to the top 5? I am filled with many uncertainties. I think back to the very first night when Jenny and Trish asked us if we were committed. In my heart I said yes. This time, I’m going to do my best. So far I feel like I have worked hard but I also realize we all have. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful women in this challenge. Some I have gotten to know better than others but they all have touched me in some way. I’ve seen many of them overcome challenges and have breakthroughs. They have inspired me and they bring a smile to my heart. Even if I don’t make the top 5 plus wildcard, I will carry on in my journey, and cheer the others on. I’m excited to see everyone dressed up tomorrow night. I plan on going and having fun and try not to stress to much about the outcome. On that very first night, there was a slide on the wall that said ” Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tommorrow, But live for Today!!! Well Said!!! So I will sign off on those thoughts. Good night!




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April 9, 2017

Sunday, Sunday, oh what a day! Today was a busy but fun day. first I worked collecting eggs in the morning at 5:30, then a quick breakfast and went to church. Today I was a greeter at the info desk. It is always fun meeting new people. After church we went to my Mom’s for her birthday lunch. It was fun being with family. Yesterday I made my Mom’s favarite dessert. Cheesecake! That started my spiral down. After that I made some not very good food choices. I got a little too relaxed on my diet and over indulged. That continued into today with the many choices of food around. A little taste here, a little taste there and boom, before you know it your up on the scale. Yikes!!! So after the family gathering I did a full workout at the gym and tackled 60 minutes on the stairmaster. It felt good to work it off. It sure is interesting how little slip ups can really add up. If you don’t be careful they can derail you. I have been so diligent up till now. I don’t want to blow it or sabatoge myself. It’s time to refocus and and start making wise choices again. I’ve worked to hard to throw it all away now. Time to get back on track.

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March 6, 2017

Today was a regular day of working, going to the gym, running around doing errands and of course yoga. Today was the first day in a long time that I felt my anxiety level going down. The last few weeks have flown by. I have been so busy planning, running around and getting ready for our fundraiser that I haven’t had a lot of down time. So tonight I just relaxed and spent time with my husband. It sure feels good to not think about all the things that need to be done but to just enjoy the time you have. So take time to relax and enjoy the things in life that make you happy!

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April 5 2017

Today was the last day to Vote! (sigh of relief). My heart is full! I appreciate each one of you that took the time to vote. I feel so blessed by all of you. So many people wrote such kind and encouraging words. My love tank is overflowing. I can’t wait till Tuesday night to here who made the top 5 and who the wild card is going to be. Last night the 3 top wild card contenders were announced. I’m sure they are nervous to find out as well. I was so happy to hear that they will start up a facebook group for the women that don’t make it in the top 5 to continue on their healthy journey.

Last night we had the board of judges come to give us feedback on our fundraising event. I was quite nervous but they were very kind and gave us lots of good advice, tips and constructive criticism to learn from. All in all it was a good night.

Now for the final weigh and measure for this segment. I was down another 2.6 lbs for a total of………34.2lbs!!!! This is in 12 weeks. In Inches, I was down 2.5 inches for a total of 26 inches in total. Woot! Woot! I feel great! I have so much more energy. Now, we’ll have to wait till Tuesday to hear how I did. Thanks again for all the love!


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April 4 2017

So 2 more days to Vote. It is definetly nerve racking. I would like to go to top 5 but there are also so many wonderful women that have put in the effort and deserve the spot as well. In reality only 5 will be chosen out of the 15. As much as I would like to be chosen, I also know this journey will continue on for me regardless of the outcome. I want to be healthy and live a full life doing the things that mean the most to me. Spending time with family and friends, playing with my grandson and the baby on the way.

With all that being said. Please still vote for me. I sure do like all the support I get from the challenge. I have met so many wonderful women and made some great friends that I probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the challenge. So many of them have inspired me. Some make me laugh more than I have laughed in years. It is such a great mix of personalities.


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April 3, 2017

Casino night was Saturday night. What a blast! It was a full house. We sold out. 100 tickets sold. Lots of prizes, 50/50 draws and gift baskets to bid on. My team did an awesome job. They all worked really hard to making the night a success. You really seen the different gifts and talents come out in each one of the ladies. I especially like the wall of gold bricks symbolizing the total weightloss of all the women combined. 135 lbs! The money for the fundraiser is going to 2 very good causes. Shape your world society and The Starfish backpack program. Here are a few photos of the night. Missing on the Team photo is Melissa. She was off selling tickets.

17690818_1402390599782410_378684626_n FullSizeRender


The last picture is my mom and my 2 sisters. It was fun to have them at the event!

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April 1, 2017

Last night I arrived home from our trip. We had a wonderful time. It was very relaxing and enjoyable trip. If you ever go to San Fransico I highly recommend to go see Alcatraz Island. It is well worth the time and money.

Tonight is our Big Fundraiser event! I’m so excited to be raising funds for Shape Your World Society and the FoodBank’s Starfish Backpack program. Both very good causes. This will allow Shape Your World Society to do this next year for another group of women. The Foodbank’s Starfish program gives kids food for the weekend where the need is the greatest. Tonight, our event is at the Casino Playtime on peardonville. It’s a burger and brew event. We have lot’s of fun games and 50/50 to participate in. We have collected alot of silent aution items as well as other contest items. So feel free to drop in and participate.

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March 29, 2017

Voting starts tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Even though I’m away this week, I’m still feeling the anxiety build up. I would love to make the top 5! I’ve been working out like crazy even though I’m on holidays. I was up early today at the hotel gym! I did 45 minutes on the elliptical then I did a 20 minute run on the treadmill. They don’t have much for weights here so I’m trying to get in as much cardio as I can. We did go for a wine and food pairing today complements of the resort but everything in moderation. Then right back on it. We are in the beautiful Sonoma valley where there are so many beautiful vineyards. It’s absolutely beautiful, green and lush. I can’t seem to add pictures with my phone so I’ll have to wait till I’m back to share some photos.

Remember to vote tomorrow! 10x’s a day on every device you have. You can vote on your phone, lab top, iPad, computer! I need every vote I can get. I’ll share on Facebook the link! Make sure you share with all your friends and family! You can vote from anywhere in the world!


You are awesome!

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March 29, 2017

San Francisco!!! We had a wonderful day yesterday being tourists in the lovely town of San Francisco. The weather was beautiful! Blue skies and a sunny day. We took a ferry into the Wharf and proceeded to find the pier where we were to board the boat to Alcatraz. What an adventure. Listening through the audio of all the stories from the jail cells. The island was beautiful with many flowering bushes and natural beauty surrounding it.

Next we proceeded to fishermen’s wharf were we looked around and did a little shopping. We proceeded to go to Coit tower. I didn’t make it to the gym in the morning but we climbed up many steps for about 15 minutes to get there. Normally I would have been huffing and puffing by the time I got to the top. Thanks to the stair master at home and all the work outs, I was able to climb up the stairs without breaking a huge sweat. We walked so much I sure I logged in many kilometres. Altogether it was a fabulous day and I look forward to today’s adventures.

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March 27,2017

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven’t had much time to blog.  I have so much to share. It all started on Friday! Friday was the day for our hair and makeup and photo shoot. I woke up early to head to the gym and get a good workout in. Then shower and headed to the club for weigh and measure. More about that later.  I went to fire and Ice hair salon where Cecile did my hair. This was quite special since I’m usually a wash and wear type of gal. Then makeup was done by Karina Lanting from Arbonne and Bethany. I felt like a princess! Next of to photo art by Simpson for the photo shoot. Andrew and Arlene Simpson were there waiting for me. They made me feel at ease. They did an awesome job and I’m looking forward to seeing the photo’s.

Friday morning I also had weigh and measure done because, I was leaving for a trip to California right after the photo shoot. I’ll be gone for the week. So friday’s weigh in was I’m down 1.8 lbs. for a total of 31.6 lbs since Jan 15. That’s 31.6 lbs from January 15-march 24. I was also down 6.5 inches from last time for a total of 23.5 inches. Wow, that’s crazy. I couldn’t have done this without the totals makeover challenge.

After all that excitement, we headed in the car to drive for two days to Windsor California. Our resort is there. Everyday I’ve been going to the gym here and getting my workout on. We’ve been doing lots of walking. Tomorrow we are heading into San Francisco to take a tour of Alcatraz. I’m quite excited about that. But now it’s bed for me. I’ll write more tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

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March 23 2017

So today I’m running around and trying to get ready for our trip tomorrow. Before we leave, I have to weigh in and then I have hair and makeup for our professional photo shoot. I am excited to get all dressed up. Normally, I don’t like to be in pictures but hopefully they’ll look good. If I have time before I have to leave I’ll try and post a picture.

Also Tomorrow Friday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25, my team Dollar & Sense is selling Contest tickets at the Save on Foods at Whatcom. Come on down and check them out. The prize is a one night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel in downtown Vancouver and 2 tickets to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The Winner will be announced on April 1 at the Casino Burger night. Tickets are 1/$5 3/$7 10/$20.

pan_pac_logo_212_226     images

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March 22 2017

Weigh in time!!! Last night we weighed in and I was down another 3.2 lbs!!!! For a total of 29.8 lbs. So close to the 30 lb mark. So Friday morning, I will be weighing in again because I will be gone next Tuesday. This weigh in is the one that is going to be in the Abbotsford News Page. I will be leaving Friday afternoon for San Franscisco for the week. But don’t worry, I’ll try to keep blogging. Hopefully by Friday I will be past that 30 lb mark.

On Tuesday night, we had 3 ladies from Toastmasters come and give us pointers on how to give a speech. Much to our surprise, we had to all give a 2 minute speech about why we joined the competition. I never realised how long 2 minutes can be. I started running out of things to say, Yikes! Oh well, I managed to complete it. I’m going to have to practice a lot more before I do toastmasters.


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March 21, 2017

On March 21, 1987, I said “I do” to the love of my life. He is my biggest supporter, my best friend, my confidante, and my true love. We have laughed (alot) together and cried together, we have been through sickness and health. He had leukenia 9 years ago and I had thyroid cancer 2 years ago. We’ve been through alot together but we have always been there to lift each other up. So Today I want to say Happy 30th Anniversary Rob.

17436153_1389561967731940_1462188225215934490_o (1)

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March 19 2017

So today we had a team meeting with our fundraising team Dollar & Sence. What a great bunch of girls. The more we meet and get to know each other you start to see the different strengths in each one. I’m so excited about our fundraising event. It is going to be at the Chances Playtime Casino. We have lots of fun things in store for the night. If you don’t have a ticket yet, contact myself of one of the team members and we’ll get it to you.

We will be hosting a draw ticket sales this Friday,March 24 and Sunday,March 26 at the Save on Foods at Whatcom. The prize is a one night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel in a deluxe Harbour Room and 2 passes to Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Tickets are 1/$5, 3/$10, and 7/$20. These tickets are available between now and Satuday, April 1st and the winner will be notified by telephone of email. So be sure to come on down to Save On Foods.

Don’t forget all the funds go to Shape Your World Society and The Foodbank’s Starfish Backpack Program.

Shannon, Amber, Cindy, Hayley, June, Gwen, missing is Melissa and Cheyenne.



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March 18, 2017

So today was a good day! Started out having coffee with the wonderful women, I meet with Saturday mornings. They have been my biggest cheerleaders and support. What would I do without them. Next went to a birthday lunch with another bunch of wonderful ladies and 1 set of twins (2 months old) and my nieces daughter (3 months old). So cute to see all theses babies.

Then I had a killer workout on the elliptical and stair master! Came home and what better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than clean house and iron 10 of my husbands shirts. Now it’s time to kick back and relax and watch a movie with the hubby! Enjoy the small things in life!

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March 17 2017

Happy St. Paddy’s day. Today is Friday so I’m looking forward to catching up with things around my home. I’ve been so busy with the fundraiser, going to the gym, work and life in general that my home has been a tad bit neglected. I’m hoping tomorrow I can catch up on the mountain of laundry that has been piling up.

Today I also finally discoved an app that helps me write on pictures and puts them in a grid. So now I can post some before and after photos of my timeline. I don’t see to many changes in the pictures, but I sure feel them physically. It’s a process and I’m definitely on my way!

17350916_1386293828058754_790263290_nimages (2)

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March 15, 2017

Weigh in Day! Each week, I wait with anticipation to face the scale. I am so close to getting into the next decade.  Soooo I stepped on the scale and boom…. Yay, I did it. Down 3lbs this week for a total of 26.6 lbs. I am feeling good. I love working out.




Last night was a fun night. It started out with Karina Lanting showing us some make up tips, using arbonne products. Then, we had Andrew from Simpson Photo Art show us photo poses and tips on how to model for the camera. But the part I loved the most was when Tetyana Golota had us all take out our heels and practice walking and modeling in them. We had some good laughs. Maybe with practice I can wear a little higher heel. hmm.


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March 13 2017

Yay, our tickets for our fundraising event have arrived. I’m so excited to share this event with you. Our team for this phase of the challenge is called Dollars & Sense. We have 8 wonderful talented women on our team including myself. We will be hosting a fundraising event at Chances Playtime Casino on April 1, 2017. No, It’s not an April fools joke. LOL! We are looking forward to raising money for Shape Your World Society and the Foodbank’s Starfish Backpack Program.  Tickets cost $25 and they get you a burger, beverage and $5 casino dollars. We will be hosting a silent auction as well as 50/50 draw and so much more.

So come on out and have a fun time. Tickets will be going F-A-S-T! So let me or one of my team members know if you would like to buy a  ticket. Check out our facebook page Team Dollars & Sense Casino Fundraiser Night, to see some of the great items up for the Auction. Doors open at 6:00. See you then!!!

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March 11, 2017

Everyday seems to be full. Woke up, went to the gym. Ran into a bunch of ladies there from the challenge. Always nice to see familiar faces at the gym. Next went to yoga to stretch everything out. Came home, showered and decided to try on a pair of capris that I bought over 5 years ago. Always hoping one day I would fit into them. Every summer I would try them on but they just were to tight to wear. So today, I tried them on and ta-da… they fit. Happy dance! I can finally wear them. That is my happy today!!!!

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March 9 2017

In light of our sugar challenge last week, I wanted to share with you why I love all things sweet. My Dad was a baker and my parents owned a Bakery in Terrace where I grew up called Mountview Bakery and Deli. I had unlimited baked goods available to me.  My dad made the best glazed donuts around. I started working there at a young age and sweets were readily available to me. I was always active as a child and played alot of sports growing up. I didn’t really struggle with weight until I reached college and the sports stopped. I did alot more studying and sitting around. I gained the freshman 15. I eventually lost that weight. After a few more years, I got married and had babies and each year I would gain 5 to 10 more lbs. Before I knew it, I was over weight and dragged down by life. I struggled through my gallbladder being removed and thyroid cancer. I was always trying to lose weight. The scale would go up and down. I started to lose hope. Resigning myself to the fact I was stuck at this weight. In December, my husband saw the add in the Abby newspaper for the total makeover challenge. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, I decided to apply. I was shocked when they phoned me and told me I was excepted into the challenge. This makeover challenge has been the boost and self confidence I needed to lose the weight. The encouragement and support from all the ladies has been amazing. This challenge has been such a huge blessing to me!!!

Oh and by the way, since I have been in the challenge and cut most sugar out of my life, my cravings for sweets has gone away. (most of the time, LOL)

From donuts to healthy living.

Dunkin-Donuts-Croissant-Donut             images (1)

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So yes, it was weigh in time again last night. Wow 7 weeks in. It has truly been amazing. This has been a great experience for me. The challenge has been great at keeping me in check and staying on track with my diet. Every time I think of veering off track, I think about facing that scale on Tuesday nights and it stops me short of diving into whatever it is I may be thinking about eating. But enough dribble drabble! I know you want to hear my results. Ok, so this week I lost 1.2 lbs. Not huge but a steady loss for me with a total so far of 23.6 lbs!!!! I also lost a total of 17 inches so far. YAY!!!

We also had another amazing speaker last night on Discover Your Sacred Gifts And Feel On Purpose, led by Monique MacDonald.  She also wrote the book Sacred Living vs Living Scared. We went through a few gifts. There are 24 altogether. I definitely have the gift of hospitality and a few more, but that was one she shared. She is holding a workshop in Oct /Nov 2017 if your interested to hear more. It is so fun learning new things each week and discouvering your strengths.

4144636-quotes-use-your-talents-and-gifts-picturesMarch 8 2017


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March 5, 2017

Last night I attended the play Hello Dolly. What a fun night of entertainment. The singing and dancing was so uplifting. Sometimes you need a night out for sheer fun. Today has been a peaceful restfilled day. It was good to have some down time. I’m planning to go to restorative yoga tonight to end the day with some good stretching. Thank you to Parallel Yoga for sponsoring the total makeover challenge! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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March 4, 2017

I keep thinking every week I’ll have more time to catch up on all the things I need to do,  such as blogging, but each week I’m struggling to make the time for everything. So this week we have started organizing our fundraising event. It will take place on April 1. No, this is not an April fools Joke. We are planning a funfilled evening with lots of raffles and items for an live auction. I’m very excited about this evening. I have a fabulous team to be working with. So keep April 1st free. More details to follow.

This week we were given a challenge from Gina at Herbalife to track our sugar intake. We all know how bad sugar is for you. And like I confessed in my bio, I love sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth around. But since we have been doing this challenge I pretty much have cut all sugar out of my diet. Once, I stopped having it, my cravings have dropped off. It’s amazing how sweet natural fruits and some vegetables taste now. So everyday, I have been adding up my sugar and converting grams to tsp (4 grams=1 tsp). I put how much sugar I eat in a day in a baggie. At our next meeting we are to bring in all our little baggies to see how much sugar we all eat. Try it for a day and see how much sugar you eat!!!


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March 1, 2017

A New Month, A New Challenge.

So last night was weigh in night. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how the scale was going to go. It’s been a busy week, so you just never know. We’ll I stepped on the scale and boom…. another 2.4 lbs down. That makes a total of 22.4 lbs down in just over 6 weeks. The last few weeks, I have been going down steady at 2-3 lbs a week. That is a good amount each week. I have been very careful in tracking my calories and going to the gym everyday. The Stairmaster and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that I get such a good workout out from it, but frankly, it’s hard!!! By the time I’m done I’m sweating like crazy. Every day I try to increase my time by a little. The other day I finally made to 100 floors climbed. My best time yet. YaY!!! I try to fit in Yoga as often as I can, but my schedule doesn’t always correspond to class time. I missed it today, but hopefully I can get in there tomorrow.

At the meeting last night we were told that this phase is called “The Apprentice”. We had to get into 3 teams. Every team is to host some sort of fundraising event. Karen McGregor from Speaker Success Formula, came and spoke to us about how to host a fundraising event effectively. She gave some awesome tips that gave us the confidence that we need. You will have to stay tuned for some event detail coming out in the next week.

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February 27, 2017

Monday, Monday! New week, New challenges. Last week was a whirlwind of events with the voting, amazing race and the announcing of the top 15. Yesterday I just needed to take a day to breath and have a mental break. It was a good day to reflect on the last few weeks. Saturday was such a big highlight for me. I was so blessed to have so much Family and Friends who participated in the race and give me there support. It was overwhelming and humbling at the same time. I’m just so thankful for all of them.

That brings me to this week. I got up early and headed to the gym. Had a great workout and as I was driving home the snow started to fall and continued to fall all day. I must admit it is pretty but I’m not so sure I want it to last. I’m ready for spring. I did manage to make yoga at noon, where a couple of other girls were there as well.

Tomorrow is weigh in night. We will also find out what this next phase in the challenge will be. I must admit, I’m a little nervous about what new challenges may be around the corner. I guess tomorrow night we’ll find out more. So stay tuned.                                                                                         0d5271789dc299dfadf7ddbd5b5be012

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Today was the big day of the amazing Race!!! I could barely sleep all night long. With thoughts and dreams of costumes, did I make it to the next round, is all my teams going to show up, and jittery nerves all night. I finally did manage to get some sleep, but I was up early to check to make sure I had everything ready to go. Once we arrived at the race, the craziness began. We had to sign in our teams, fill out our drive 4 UR Ford forms and get all the race instructions. At 10:30, it began. My team was awesome. We had lots of laughs running all over abbotsford. We ran into a few of our other teams and tried to beat them. In the end, I think everyone enjoyed the day.

Once everyone was back at the Phoenix Lounge, All the prizes were handed out. I won some lovely Satin Hands cream from Mary Kay for having the most amazing race teams. I had 5 teams in total. Many thanks to my family and friends. Many prizes were handed out. We all sat in anticipation for the final 15 to be announced. I’m happy to say that I was 1 of the 15 challengers who made it! Such a huge relief! I am so full of joy. All the hard work and dedication is paying off. All the ladies put in alot of work and effort and I hope that those that didn’t make will still try for the wild card and continue their journey to better health. In just 5 weeks, I’ve met so many wonderful ladies. I look forward to this next phase of the challenge. February 25,2017

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So I had my 1 hour make over with Melissa at Shopper’s Drug Mart. What a transformation! She taught me a lot about make up. I’m usually an ” Au Natural” kind of gal. But it sure was nice to be made up. She did a great job of showing me different tips on how to apply different creams so that it would enhance my features and not feel to overly made up. I learned what shades are my colors and what shades to stay away from. It was a great experience and I could take home a lot of tips to use.


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February 21, 2117

Tuesday night was our final weigh in on this round. I had a goal number to reach for my final weigh in, I needed to lose 3.2 lbs to be down to a total of 20 lbs. YAY!  I’m so excited to share with you that I made my goal of 20 lbs down in 5 weeks and 2 day. I also lost 13 inches in total. That first night at the meet and greet, we were asked if we were willing to commit to this process and give it our best. I said yes, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve worked out almost every day at the gym. Going to Yoga as often as I can. Watching everything I put in my mouth. The hard work is paying off. But yet I’m not done. I have a lot more to lose. One of the things I’m learning is that I need to incorporate more weight and strength training in my routine. I tend to lean toward cardio. I like the stair climbing machine at the gym. It gives you a great workout. So its time to hit those weight!!!

images (2)     images (1)

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say it enough.

I am so overwhelmed by all the support I received during the voted. I appreciate you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to vote for me. I know people from all over the world were voting. My sister, who is traveling in Doha, Qatar voted, as well as some cousins in Holland. Someone even told me they had a friend in China voting. How incredible is that. It makes me want to continue this journey regardless if I get in on Saturday or not. But then again I really want to be one of the top 15 challengers to move forward. I have learned so much on this journey not only about myself but about social media, nutrition. and finances and much more. Saturday, after the amazing race, we will find out the winners, so I’ll let you know then if I made it or not. Give yourself a pat on the back after all the voting. You deserve it. Thanks again!!download (2)

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So this weekend was the Real Me Seminar. Friday night started out with a journey into your soul. We had to search deep to find our strengths and talents. I’m not going to lie but I always struggle with defining my purpose and goals. Next we talked about living with regret and at the end of your life, what would be some things you would regret? What is holding you back from doing these things? Then we had to write our own eulogy. Very powerful and thought provoking stuff. It really makes you think about how you live your life and what are things you could change to fulfill some of your dreams and desires.

Saturday was also very powerful. We talked about forgiveness and how to start with a new slate. Some of the things we looked at were: the passions in life, and what gets you excited? We completed some eye-opening group exercises, that showed me how much value I have in this world, and we all are here for a reason. We concluded with creating our own mission statement. What an awesome day to bond and cry with the other ladies. Now I’ll need to think and digest all what we have learned and how to act on those things. I would like to thank Shape your world society for all their hard work they put into this seminar. Thank you to all the speakers and their wise words of wisdom.


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Hello everyone! It’s been quite the week so far. As some of you may know by now, the VOTING HAS STARTED! It kinda took some of us off guard because we were expecting it to start tomorrow. Apparently there was some miscommunication. But isn’t that part of what this challenge is about, learning to roll with it and moving out of our comfort zones. I for one am learning so much and being stretched in many ways. Just think I did a facetime live tonight. How crazy is that. I never grew up with computers, so everything I learned about computers is pretty much from my kids. I still am trying to figure out how some put words and phrases on pictures and post it. I just leaned at the beginning of this contest how to post a link. lol. But it’s great learning all this technology. I’m loving it most of the time except when things go haywire.

So last night we had the first night of our real me seminar. Trish and her sidekick, I mean husband were fantastic speakers. We had to gather pictures of when we were a baby, and when we were 12 years old and a present day picture. Just looking for those pictures were a walk down memory lane. I had to go to my Mom’s house and dig deep. Note- remember to take pictures of your second child by themselves. Just kidding Mom! Like I said it was fun looking at all the fashions and vehicles from that time. oops I’m talking about my mom’s time not mine. lol. Getting back to the seminar. there was definitely things I’ll need to think and reflect some more about. So, Friday night and Saturday will be more teaching and learning. I’m looking forward to what the weekend may bring.

Ok! So don’t forget to Vote. You can vote 10 times a day per IP address. Voting goes till next Wednesday February 22, a noon.I hope to get to the next 15 challengers. I have more weight to lose and a lot more to learn.   Cheers!!!

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So I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to blog! I wanted to share with you all my update on tonight’s weigh in. It has been exactly 4 weeks and 2 days since I started the total makeover challenge. I lost another 2 lbs. for a total to date of 16.8 lbs. Woohoo!!! I also lost another 4.75 inches which makes a total of 12.5 inches altogether so far. They measure in 6 different spots around to come up with the totals. So it was a great end to my day.  Tomorrow night we start the first night of the personal development seminar. It also goes Friday night and all day Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. There is so much new information to take in.

Also 3 more days till voting starts!!! This Friday February 17 at 3:00 voting starts till Thursday, February 23 at noon. Every vote counts. you can vote 10 times a day per IP address. So get online and vote. The top 15 challengers are announced at the end of the amazing race.


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Ugh… I woke up with a headache this morning. I’ve been struggling with one on and off since yesterday. Tylenol has become my friend. I haven’t been sleeping that well lately. I used to get migraines as a kid a lot but as an adult I usually can manage them. It probably is all the excitement and stress I feel, as we get closer to the voting date. I’m loving the journey and would like to be one of the top 15 challengers. I have a lot more weight to lose and I am gaining so much more confidence. But there is always more I can learn. The social media part is a struggle for me. I’m learning new stuff everyday with it. Its only 3 more days till voting starts.

So tonight is the weigh and measure that will be recorded in Abby News. We will have to see how it goes. Next week Tuesday will be the final weigh in for this round. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I do. In the meantime I’ll continue to eat right and work out.


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 So today I feel very blessed. I feel blessed by all the support from all the other women in this challenge. I feel blessed by the team that organizes this whole challenge and all the work they have but into it (Jenny, Trish, Candace, and Nikki). I feel blessed by all the sponsors that have partnered with Shape your world society, such as Club 16, Parallel Yoga, Gina and Mallory from Herbalife, Heather Rieder (Life Coach), Kim Mallory, Karina Lanting (Project K) Shoppers Drug Mart, Save on Foods, Fabutan and so many more. I feel very blessed by my blog sponsors, Direct Heat, Vitala foods, and Hub motors. Be sure to check them out. Also a big thanks goes to Natures Pickins for being my sponsor in the amazing race. I feel blessed by all my friends and family for all the encouragement they have shown me. I feel blessed by my husband who has supported and encouraged me so far throughout this journey even when I’m gone a lot to the gym and supper is not always on the table. This encourages me to keep going in this challenge. Here’s a big THANK YOU to you all!!!  February 12,2017

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So after all the snow and ice rain has somewhat cleared, it sure feels good to get back into routine at the gym. Altogether I only missed 2 days at the gym; I was itching to get back. Thankfully hubby drove me a couple times just to be safe. I live in Sumas prairie so the roads can be quite treacherous there. I worked out with one of the ladies from the challenge today. We did the circuit together. It is definitely more fun having a workout partner. I tend to do a lot of cardio that mostly consists of the elliptical, treadmill and stair climber. Weight training is a weakness of mine even though everyone tells you that you have to build muscle to burn fat. I know, I know…sigh. So doing the circuit was great today. Someone to encourage and maybe give you a little push. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow! !cid_9a43c940-322c-4bfd-a1b7-cf0c72a77263@namprd11_prod_outlook

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Week 4 – Weigh in

Woohoo another great weigh in. I was down 3 lbs. this week for a total weight loss of 14.8 lbs.  We had another great meeting last night. First we took a nutritional tour at Save on Foods where we were introduced to new vegetables and encouraged to try a new one every month as well as looking over the Canada food guide. Next, we headed over to Shoppers Drug Mart where one of the girls in our group was a model for a tutorial on make up application. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I’m going to be going for my one on one session at Shoppers Drug Mart to learn some techniques and what products would suit me best. I’m looking forward to it because I could always learn new tricks.


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I was so happy I made it to the gym yesterday, after being away for 2 days. I have really enjoyed my workouts. I just did another 1 1/2 hour workout at the gym as well. I definitely feel better when I work out. I have been logging all my food into my fitness pal and writing it in a book as well. At first I found that quite time consuming reading at all the food labels and logging them in but as you get more familiar it does get a little easier. So tonight is weigh in time again. I’m a little nervous about stepping on the scale this week but I’ve done my best so you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see how much I have lost. In the meantime it has been a cold beautiful sunny day shinning down on the snow. Take a moment to enjoy the view. February 7,2017


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Another snow day. So instead of going to the gym I decided to shovel snow. That’s a great workout and my back can attest to that as well. So today I wanted to share my “Why”. Of course health is my number one reason, but why? Well, my family is my “Why”. Especially because my daughter, her husband and my grandson Hendrik, live in Iowa. They are expecting another little one in May. So I need to be in good health to be able to travel freely, And get down on my hands and knees to play with them. My Daughter Rachel is the oldest and then I have 3 sons. Nathan 25, Aaron 23, and Zack 18. My heart goes out to my family and I also am so thankful to have a loving supportive husband, who is always encouraging me to go for it.


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It’s a blizzard out there. No going to the gym today. Fortunately, Parallel Yoga did an online class today. It was just what I needed. I had high hopes of going to the gym and doing a extra long workout. There’s always stairs at home I could run up and down. Maybe I’ll do a youtube video. We are on week 3. This is the time when on other diets I would start to struggle. The newness of the eating plan has worn off and I start to look for not so healthy food. This time I have so much support and people cheering me on that I can’t give up but take it one day at a time and learn those healthy eating habits. I have really been feeling good in my body and have had lots of energy. I think I’ll make a big pot of soup full of vegetable’s. That’ll be good for a cold day like today. February 4,201716507655_1342085795812891_1807451435_n

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Tuesday night was our week 3 weigh and measure. I was down 2.6 lbs for a total of …drumroll.. 11.8lbs and 7.5 inches lost woohoo.  I feel really good. I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. All that working out is paying off. Though I’m a little stiff this morning from all the strength training.




 We had wonderful speakers at our meeting. Heather Rieder (life coach) and Kim Mallory from the pink stiletto network spoke on self-esteem. They spoke from the heart and are so passionate about women developing their whole self. They gave us many great tips and ideas to use. We also went around the room and said something positive about each one of the ladies. It was a beautiful time of big smiles, tears, and laughter. I was beaming and smiling from ear to ear. Thank you to all the girls for such kind beautiful words




 A big thanks goes out to Fabutan, for teaching us about tanning and the red light therapy.  I’m looking forward to going tanning.




All in all it was an amazing night. I’m motivated and ready to go out and put the work and effort into this next week.

February 1, 2017th9TZGNYLM

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So last night hubby and I went shopping and I happened to see protein bars on sale. Wow I couldn’t believe it 17 grams of protein in each bar and sweetened with stevia to boot. Later that night I decided to try one of the bars. I was looking forward to this delectable treat. I took a bite in the bar and hubby burst out laughing at the look on my face. It was not as delectable as I thought. I managed to chew down the rest of bar (yuck). Only 11 more bars to get through. Now I know why they were on sale. Never wanting to waste food, am I just a human garbage can or do I throw them away….Hmmm? I mean it is 17 grams of protein. Aren’t we suppose to have lots of protein…..
January 30,2017

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Today is the day of the She Talks seminar. So many inspiring women shared their stories. I listened how one women shared how when she carried all her problems with her is was like carrying a backpack around with her. There were times in her life that she felt truly happy and carefree that the backpack came off. I wonder how many of us are walking around with those backpacks in life dragging us down. Through the total makeover challenge, I’m learning ways to release that backpack.

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Hi all, well I’m totally not flexible but who knew how much I’ve grown to like yoga. This picture is taken from my second yoga class with a bunch of the girls from the total makeover challenge. Beth, in the center is a great instructor. A special thanks goes out to Parallel Yoga and the staff there.


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Last night was our first official weigh in. I lost 9.2 lbs (4.6%) Woohoo! I won the biggest loser award for the most percentage of weight loss. Yay, happy dance! The prize is a ticket to She Talks, a seminar where women share their stories and how health and fitness were a big part of that. I’m looking forward to attending that on Saturday. January 25,2017

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Hi everyone. Today I thought I would share with you a little about myself. As a kid I was active and always was a healthy weight. My weight issues started when I was in college gaining the freshmen 15 as they say. Once I got home I managed to lose the weight through diet and exercise. In 1987 I married my farmer hubby. I started cooking good home cooked meals. Isn’t that what every good farmers wife suppose to do. In the meantime my waistline was getting a tad bigger. My clothes were tight and I needed to go up a size. Babies came along and I had gestational diabetes with each one. While I was pregnant I was the healthiest I had been in along time. I walked hours and controlled everything with diet and exercise. But after each one was born I went back to the old bad eating habits. I loved sweets. And I gained weight with each one. I’ve tried many diets losing 5 to 10lbs here and there, but never sticking to anything-long term. In 2014 I discovered a lump on my neck. I ignored it for a while thinking it was no big deal. Until I had to go to the doctor for another matter and I casually mentioned I had this lump thinking he was going to say “don’t worry about it, its probably nothing”. Boy was I wrong that started off a series of test until I found out it was possibly cancerous and I needed surgery to partially remove my thyroid to test it to be sure. That was 2 weeks before Christmas. I had the surgery and just after Christmas I was told it was positive. So 2 weeks later I had another surgery to remove the whole thing. Your thyroid affects so many different parts of your body, your emotions your weight and general well being. So that brings me to today. My hubby saw the add in the Abby newspaper for the total makeover challenge and he suggested that I might be interested so I applied and here I am. I’m so ready for this and looking forward to the support that comes with this challenge. January 20,2017

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So here it is Tuesday night our first meeting night. Tonight we got our measurements taken and a teaching on nutrition. It was so nice to meet all the ladies again and hear more about their stories. My first impression was that everyone who was there had a big reason to be there. I was really encouraged by the support and how friendly everyone was. The big thing I learned from that meeting was Protein, Protein, and more Protein and WATER, WATER, and more WATER. So tomorrow I start my nutrition plan.
January 18,2017

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Friday afternoon I received the call that I was one of 30 women chosen for the total makeover challenge. As I listened excitement started to fill me. I couldn’t believe they actually picked me. I usually never win at these things. Over the weekend as the Sunday night meet and greet neared nervousness and fear of the unknown set in. I shoved that feeling down. I need to do this. As I sat in the parking lot waiting to go in I prayed that I would know at least one person. When I got inside I saw Tara from boot camp waving me over. What a relief. As I sat there talking with the women I realized that most of the women there were all feeling the same way. As Jenny and the other women on the team shared their stories I felt so much encouragement and support from everyone. The main theme of the night was Commitment. I was ready to start and become committed. That night was our first weigh in and next morning we all hit the ground running. Come along with me and share in my health adventure. January 17, 2017

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Welcome to my blog!!! I’m incredibly excited to start this journey and have you all follow me. This is my first time ever blogging. Yikes!!! This is going to be great. So come along and share in my health adventure! January 16,2017

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