2013 Total Makover Winner – Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson, Total Makeover Challenge Winner. Lost 33.4lbs and 39 inches!

Lynn Thompson’s Total Makeover Experience

When I joined the Total Makeover Challenge, I was in need of major changes in my life. I recently lost my Mom just 5 months prior to Heart Disease at the young age of 54. My Mother was my everything and of course I took the loss of her very hard. I started to use food to deal with the huge void I felt and gained a bunch of weight quickly. I have 4 children myself, and it was my children who truly motivated me to deal with my grief in a healthier way, as I knew they were watching and I had to set an example for them. I know my Mom would have wanted me to show them that life has to go on after death ever though it may be hard.

I thought the Total Makeover Challenge would be a great way to get me motivated to make the changes and to keep me accountable. I started to use exercising at the gym as a way to deal with my grief and even joined a learn to run group. With exercise and better eating habits, I slowly started feeling a bit more like myself. I was completely shocked to find out that I had placed 4th in the Top 10 out of 66 other woman and shocked again to had found a spot in the Top 5, after an amazing experience of starring in a Fashion Show with the other wonderful ladies I met in the Challenge. The pampering that we received throughout the challenge was unbelievable!! New hair, makeup, nails, Earls Chefs kitchen dinner experience, modeling lessons, starring in a fashion show, life changing seminars, amazing guest speakers, photo shoots and a relaxing spa getaway at Sunpeaks with the other ladies, were some of my favorite moments, truly making this a TOTAL MAKEOVER!

As the Challenge continued on, I learned so much more about myself then I ever knew before. I made amazing new friendships along the way and, most importantly got my health back again!! I lost 39 lbs and 39 total inches throughout the challenge. Most importantly to me though, I got my cholesterol levels out of the risk zone and back into a healthy range reducing my risk of Heart Disease. I am now able to be the Mother and Wife that I wanted to be, the woman that my Mother raised.

I’m still in shock today that my name was called as the Winner of The Total Makeover Challenge 2013 and truly grateful to all of the Sponsors that help make this opportunity so special for us. I am also super excited to be heading to VEGAS with my husband to celebrate this November, which was the top prize for being the winner of the challenge! This Experience turned out to be more then I had ever expected it to be. I am now working full time at Go Fusion Fitness ( the gym that sponsors this event, ) and I am even coaching learn to run programs and training for my first half marathon coming up in the new year. This experience was so amazing that I have decided to come on board as assistant coordinator of The Total Makeover Challenge this year, so that I can be a part of this experience again. This time I get to watch and encourage other woman who have decided to make healthy changes in their lives.

Lynn Thompson